My first generic pose in a looonnngg time..

So my pc has been broken since Juli or something, and its now sort of back… (My D disk keeps dissapearing and later my C disk, power supplying not enough power?)

anyways, heres the screenie I made on this wonderfull (white) Xmas morning. =)

No finger posing since the model doesnt support it.

if you want to edit it, go ahead! =)

Pose isn’t bad.

But I think it could have been better if you would have used a different camera angle. Or just play with the camera.

yeah different camera angle would had been perfect

Pose its self is good though

well, it’s generic

hey i remember you.

good pose.

It’s a nice Generic pose, mind you

Holy shit, Arthuro?!

Where ya been!!

Tuck in the ass, it looks kinda weird.
But posing on the hands is nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Cam angle are in most cases of these generic poses chosen to show off the finger pose. Which is well done by the way. Rest of the pose is decent to. Can’t find any noticeable faults.

The pose looks good.