My First Gmod Machinima (Criticism Appreciated)

Just got Gmod about 2 days ago and am enjoying it at insanely unhealthy levels. The possibilities are now endless!

Well, here’s my very first Gmod machinima:

If you like it, stay tuned for more very soon! Ideas are popping into my head like popcorn climaxing in a microwave!

Also, some constructive criticism would be nice. I’m still a noob to Gmod and would like some helpful tips and such.

EDIT: Not exactly sure if machinimas and such are welcome here, I’m also a noob to Facepunch as you can see. Just seemed to be the place to post.

EDIT2: Shit, just noticed the Videos section. Sorry about clogging up the forums!

Not bad but needs more anti aliasing.

Pardon my tech-toolness, but what exactly is that?

Turn up the anti aliasing in your graphics options.

Well if you take a closer look, it actually has AA but it really badly rendered.

Well, i excepted something shitty, but it actually made me laugh !

Thanks! I enjoy comments like these! I know it’s not that great, but at least you found it at least somewhat funny. I’ll push to make my future ones as good as I can get them! Unfortunetly it might take a good while before I learn some of the more advanced techiniques so I’ll still have to mostly use still images :P.

Catmull-Rom cameras and Moving Camera tool. I personally hate stills with a passion. Funny video though. You have potential.

Whenever you have to record something, use cl_drawhud 0 so we don’t see health/suit/ammo.

or just use the Camera swep you have.

Was pretty good. But yes turn off the hud, make thrusters invisible with no effects (I could see the plasma effect)

Also, try to get a more advanced movie editing software, I’m assuming you used Window’s Movie maker. With more advanced software you could have multiple sound files playing at once, so you wouldn’t have had to stop the music for the pyro and Dr K to talk


Actually watching it again, maybe it wasn’t a plasma effect but an accidental physics gun beam? You can hide the beams btw

Thanks! I didn’t figure out how to turn off the HUD until after I had recorded the bottle getting thrown so from now on you won’t be seeing any HUD. I didn’t feel like re-recording it.

My editing/recording software is Pinnacle Studio 12 and I didn’t stop the audio so you could hear the Pyro, I just thought it was just slightly funnier without the music. Even though it’s not WMM, it’s still crap as far as an editting program.

Anywho, stay tuned for a possible trailer for my next epic two-parter!