My first Gmod Machinima

I know this is a bit noobish machinima buts its my first. Sorry about the lighting. Ill make more if people like these.

[quick question]

how comes it says you may choose an icon. then when I press submit it says you MUST choose one. lolwut kthxbai

Before i start on anything else, its very boring. Player controlled characters spoil it to.

kthx ino the lighting and shit is off its my first so tell me whats wrong with it so I can fix it :smiley:

You used player controlled characters, it’s not a machinima really.

Good idea, bad execution.

And personally, i don’t like to sit around watching windows movie maker text screens, get some voice actors.

its not windows movie movie maker anyway its Sony Vegas pro 9

Then i am sure it can do alot more than a basic black background and basic white text, you have no idea how to use its potential.

actually I know everything up to chroma so don’t assume anything.

Then why didn’t you do something more professional?

Yeah, show us what you can do and stop wasting your time pumping out rubbish.

maybe because I dont have a green screen. im new with garrysmod my computer isnt the best possible. and another thing. You call it rubbish? I see none of your work and you dont have the right to call something new like that

No longer an excuse.

And why do you need a green/blue screen to make better title screens?

I honseslty dont care

I got half way through it, better then most machinimas I guess…

Not an answer to his question in ANY way…

That’s not really true IMHO.

Sakade, I’ve seen this way too many times. Don’t get mad. That was REALLY NOT BAD, especially for your first time. What happens is, eventually, someone calls your work bad and gets 2 or 3 other people on the bandwagon, and then the OP gets angry. Look for constructive criticism, gently remind the transgressing party that you’re looking to improve, and NEVER resort to insults.

THIS is a great example of a TERRIBLE post. Goldstrum is just being a total DOUCHEBAG, as opposed to providing ANY sort of constructive criticism. He’s relatively experienced in the Facepunch way, so I’m not sure why he’s being such a total ass in this post.

Its better than most “first videos” but its still not the best. You often misspell words in the title screens, and you really shouldn’t use emotes in them either.

And as it has been said, its kind of boring.

This sums it up.

Practice makes perfect, I guess. Remake it. Make it funny. Don’t use player-controlled characters. Good start, though. :slight_smile:

you’re not praising my video like i thought you would waaaaa