My first Gmod movie!

Tell me what I need to work on and stuff. Please, no posts like “gay” or “sucks”. It’s my first Gmod video and I think it came out pretty well.

You need to work on the video.

As in create it. sorry forgot to post it xD

Unless you have a high-end computer, do not use Fraps.
If you have the time, learn about Source Recorder [youtube it]
If you dont want to take the time, use WeGame [google it]


It sucked.

It was unfunny, unoriginal and incredibly obvious. Good luck next time.

How would you like it if someone said that to you. Go f yourself.

Do not ever open GMod again, before you learn to take criticism.


It was unoriginal because

It was unfunny because all you did was drop props or spawn NPCs and get killed by them. Or pose a ragdoll, spray some blood with the paint tool onto it and place a prop/different ragdoll next to it.

It was incredibly obvious because it was incredibly obvious. Seriously, the mines next to the HEV charger were obvious, it was obvious how you’d get killed by the dumpster etc.

Those are the reasons I STARTED MAKING GMOD VIDEOS. I love those videos.


Good advice. Thanks. Everyone on the internet is mostly an ahole who hates his life, has family problems, hates his job, and takes it out on ANYONE, via the internet.


If you’re going to do a “x number of ways to die” video at least try to be original. We’ve all seen “hurr look at me get killed by NPCs” or “look at me I get various props dropped onto me”.

Things dropped on you, npc’s killing you. Is unoriginal and unfunny.

PS. Next time (Hope no next time will come but) do not you (You walking around) to make those videos, use ragdolls.

PSS. Good music choice.

roffel so funi cuz wrod retrardred is leik randum lololol xDxDxD
awsum vidija lulz maek moar


It sucked, it was unoriginal, you seem to have learned the use of camera tool and Fraps but that’s it. The word “retarded” in the title only shows everyone that you are probably below 14 years old because you find it so funny.


What is this supposed to be?

Not bad for First!

I think for the first one you couldve removed the noise of the thruster, to make it less obvious.

Unoriginal. Unfunny. There’s my CC.

Actually people on the internet will mostly say it like it is. If they didn’t like your movie, they’re going to say so. Just because someone said ‘it sucked’ doesn’t mean you can tell them to fuck off. Especially if they’re right.

but how wud u liek it if som1 sed dat to u!!!


Don’t be mean, he can also use windows movie maker!


I just looked at his youtube channel and he appears to play roblox.
He also censors swears (a holes, f yourself etc.).

So he’s probably 9 or something.

It looked to noobish no offense, i dont mean to be nasty but we don’t want to see a video of you killing yourself, its a waste of time and un-original and not funny.

Make a story or something, get a full fraps and spend time on it.
and when i mean take time on it i also mean turn off steam chat :sigh:

…I DID like the music.