My first Gmod video

Hey guys, I am posting this here knowing there’s a chance I’ll get trolled/made fun of, but I want your opinion. It’s pretty much a video without a backstory, but if you read the description box it’ll help you more.
Please tell me what you liked, dislike, what I should do to change, etc. It’s only a test video, not something I put TONS and TONS of work into.

If its not to much to ask, can anyone who watches this and likes it subscribe to me? I made a bet to a friend I would get 200 subs by Black Ops release date, and I’m 5 away and really want to win.

That wasn’t too bad actually for your first video, I would suggest a camera up above where he was shot at.
Other wise, good!

Whoops, thanks for reminding me to put the media tags in. Also thanks! I was getting really, REALLY frustrated at points, so I did what sounded good in my mind, and I guess my judgement wasn’t too off.

at 0:57 you didn’t have r_drawvgui 0 on, which is a no brainer.

I did like the video, great use of moving camera. I’d like to see how you handle character movement and voice acting if you test that out in the future go ahead and post it.

Funnily enough, that was the last thing I was trying to find to get that to disappear and didn’t know how. Thanks for that, and thanks for the compliments. Catmull Rom + NPC camera are the best things I’ve ever downloaded. I’ve always thought that character movement in Gmod was a bit blocky (I guess that’s the word to use) and never looked to perfect, so I really don’t know how that’ll go. I mean, it’s all about trial and error, and I’ll do more videos like this to work on that. Voice acting is something I’ve always loved, but I will most likely stay to masked characters, so I don’t have to deal with lip syncing. In a lot of machinima videos some people have head movements, and I think that’s a bit stupid unless the person is nodding. I’ll also test voice acting, and hopefully have some friends help do voices too.