My first hammer map. Based around gcombat! Pre-release pics and info.

UPDATE: 05/31/2010, Check page 8 for my post #319.

Old: Beta v3 is OUT!! :ALOT has been fixed (Visit page 7 for more pics):

There is a room with a no draw floor, ignore it. I forgot to close it off before I ran the map and I am lazy.
Either way, it is alot better then v2 IMO, it will still run bad on slow computers.

If the textures do not show up, I probably linked the wrong packs, eg the not updated ones or something. Either way enjoy!

 :OLD!!!!!!! Stuff below: 

Old beta

An example of recent work.


I first Opened hammer a month ago with not much know how on what to do. I took the time each night to learn and read on hammer and how it works. And well it’s not that hard :P. This is what I made since I started 3 1/2 weeks ago. EVERYTHING I learned in hammer was on this map, so if you see stuff that is noobish, just remember it’s my first map. I plan to release it when I’m done which might be about a month or two.

Anyway pics!
Pic of the main base overlooking the map.

The lake so far.

The exit door to the runway for aircraft.

The canyon and the bridge. All of which was made this morning.

The underground base, Not all of it.

A no clipped pic showing the elevator to the underground base.

There will be a Main base to build tanks and such. An underground base complete with fully underground airport runway. Plenty of water to build boats and subs. And many other things that I have not yet added or thought of yet Like a 2nd base.

It’s not even close to done. I would say about 30-40% done overall. There is alot of shit that needs to be done and the final map will be much much better. Anyway hope to hear good feed back since it’s my first map :smiley:

Not bad for a first map. Your lighting looks a little blah up top though.

I still have to redo that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I call lies! That’s too good to be a first map, I can’t even make half of that. Nice work.

No, it is his first map. I know because I helped teach him how to work a few things. There was a second base on the map, but I stopped working on it for now and it won’t be put back in until I finish it.

Correct. He taught me doors :smiley:

Wowzers. Wow. Wow. WOW.
This is an AMAZING map, let alone for a first one. Besides the lighting (which is still really good), I would have never guessed this was made by a hammer newbie.

EDIT: What graphics card are you using, because those are some insane FPS rates.

It looks REALLY nice all I have to say is the part on the 2nd to last pic needs to be fixed but still good job!

Holy crap! First map?
And you included lights?! That’s enough for me. courtneywise makes a less complexed map and well… it’s still fullbright.

This is something I’m waiting for. Looks awesome for gcombat.

Thank you!! I’m using a ATI radeon 2600XT 512mb. I do have a 2nd for crossfire but for some reason it only works in 3dmark06, no change on anything else so I’m letting my bro use it. Also it’s only 90 bucks now.

Just wait I’m not even halfway done yet. And yes, the main base has the lights added with models, other parts like the under ground base are just point and shoot lights just so I can see In game. Not all of them are placed and modeled. But some are.

EDIT: Sorry didn’t see that. It is not fullbright :stuck_out_tongue:

Tweeked the settings a little for the light_env so it looks better now.

That looks great! For a first map, astounding. So I’m guessing by the sand and cliffs it’s in the desert, so why grass in the middle of the base?

With lights and the such in a first map, I can’t wait for your further works.

Thank you. For the grass in the middle, well it used to be a flatgrass type map and I never got around to changing it. I work on something, then I end up working on something else, I drift around on what I’m working on. And for future works, I have nothing planned yet. Who knows if i figure it out, maybe a space build map :smiley:

Lol 200 fps :v:

Looks really cool. Pretty good for a first map. I like the logical design of the base, rather than throwing together a bunch of tunnels that don’t match up to look cool. It’s fairly blocky, but definently decent.

I’m going to work on the blocky parts when I do the detail work.

Add “_hdr” (without quotes) to the end of your sky name to make it look like a sky instead of a stretched pizza.

Other than that, it’s pretty good for a first map!

O.o I never tried, read, or heard of that. Thanks!

“Not bad for a first map”?

You best be joking.

I cannot wait for a release, this will probably end up to be my main single player map that I dick around in most of the time.

I’ve seen better.