My first horror map.

This isn’t a release, more or less I’m seeking help.

I want to do a map based off of the Black Lake lodge from Condemned 2.

However, I’m new, and I’m a very shitty mapper. (Okay, not THAT bad)

So, I’m looking for sort of an advisor who can walk me through this, and maybe edit the .vmf for the finishing touches.

You can talk to me over steam, I’ll add you to my friends list.

So, any volunteers?

To be honest, that’s the easy way out :wink:

Just look at tutorials, learn from mistakes, create whatever you like.

Banana im doing my first horror map, im just doing it room by room. drawing alot of ideas down on paper first and watching creepy stuff on youtube and movies for inspiration.

good luck its fun trying to scare people

Don’t do cheap scares like stuff flashing on the screen, it’s lame as hell. A good horror map is one that keeps you constantly tense that something’s going to happen, and it doesn’t, until you least expect it.

Exactly what I said on another thread, it was one of those scariest map challenge threads.

But I planned it out, and most of my scares wont be based around the supernatural.

Just random orchestra stings, even when nothing is there to compliment it, and the idea of the map is to make it feel like the Black Lake Lodge level from Condemned 2. So you’ll here grizzly bear noises and stuff, and the tense part is you’ll never know where the bear is or if it’s going to pop-out around the next corner. (Which it won’t, that is the point of susupense.) And of course, the bear will probably just be an npc modeled after an antlion guard.

But I had a good idea where you just arrived, you exit the main lobby via the only open door. And right after that, 2 double doors leading to the kitchen burst open in front of you, along with a few props. Then you hear a bear roar and you hear it run of, without seeing it. Creepy.

Well, I got started on my map now, and I did the first little section of the forest, but when I ran the game, some of the props wouldn’t run. My guess is they were from Ep2 But I have Ep2 and that was the config I was using (Though I had to install the config myhself be selecting the right folder)

So, any help?

Are they prop_static? If so can they be? It’ll tell you in the compile log if it failed to load the model due to it’s prop type.

Yes, they are prop_static, I’ll check the compile log.

I’d be glad to help you out. I made a horror map a while back, so I might have some useful advice :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me on steam.

You can find me as “The Good Doctor F”