My first HUD

I’ve been working on it for the past week, I know it’s ugly, but you gotta start somewhere :slight_smile:

You can leave any suggestions for improving it :slight_smile:

Don’t judge me :frowning:

The colors seem all over the place. Are you going with a white color scheme? A dark one? A colorful one? It seems like you’ve combined all 3

Someone told me about that earlier, I’ll work on it. Thanks :slight_smile:

I decided to go with something colorful :slight_smile:

I’m not too good at UI design, but I’d suggest getting rid of the white background and replacing it with a darker color, and trying to make the margins/padding around everything more consistent.

Also might want to get rid of the small margin between the HUD and the left side of the screen.

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Also, this would probably be more appropriate in the developer section, possibly in the UI WAYWO.

Also, why did you post the picture twice? They both look the same to me.

I didn’t post it twice, the reason the picture above is the same as the picture in the thread post is because it was edited.

I forgot to include it

Just remove the coions, please. Looks retarded in my opinion.

Whats a coion?

He meant colons. Like where you have ‘Money**:’ and 'Health:**’

Oh, haha

You could say that in a much nicer way.

The only thing I really like are these headers (adds a nice touch):

The colors clash a lot, try using this to get a better scheme:

The rest I’d say just needs refining (e.g. not appearing squished, better centering, better readability, etc.).

Thanks for the link, but does anyone think they know what color(s) would best fit this HUD?

Whatever suits your opinion. Try doing different ones each time, and see which one you like best

Nice work!

Although I’m not much into graphical design, I prefer things just to “work” and be functional instead of looks. I still have some suggestions for appearance so people who are into making things look neat will like it.

Make it so the health and armour are more centred so there is a bit of white space on each, Makes it look a bit more neat.
Would also be nicer if the money was a bit more centred as it looks a bit “wobbly” being higher on the green bar than lower.
Overall just try to centre things more!

And I like the colours personally. Nice and colourful! Plus the flower is a nice touch too :slight_smile: Pretty. (Oops haha I guess the flower is your avatar not part of the design!)

Keep up the good work.

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Where does it say anything on his HUD about gay rights?

you’re saying that as if it was a bad thing


pro tip: reduce the amount of colours you are using to a coherent 2-4 colour scheme. At the moment you have green, blue, yellow, red, large amounts of white and black panels as well, it just looks like a confusing clusterfuck.

functionally speaking it looks pretty solid though i’d recommend removing the job panel and making it a second line under the players name as long job names will end up running off the side of the hud and looking like ass

also as these guys said don’t use the : symbol unless you are breaking up two distinct objects that are in the same line of text

Health: 100% <-- totally fine

Health: <-- looks rather silly and unnecessary

aside from that it’s your first hud and you’ve still outdone a lot of the stuff that gets shat out onto workshop so I’d say your on the right track

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