My First Jet

Hi! :slight_smile: The black and gray one, the blue and gray one are my first jets. The black one was modified and e2 was put on it to increase its flight control/stability. The A-10, was what I traded my jet for. What do you think of the Blue and Black one? Should I release it? It is armed with two 84 gml and 7.(something) cannons. Thanks to Schwani for the e2 and the trade :slight_smile:


Constructive Criticism would be great!

Love the Blue and Black, but the A-10 is shit.

They are okay I guess.

There’s been worst “My First Jet” threads posted in here I suppose.

Pretty cool, especially the first one! Nice work.

lol traded his plane for an a10…

Stop being so negative. Your jet is half-decent, if you carry on like this im sure you will get better though.

Remove your own quote and you got yourself a great start bud :3

Good, but needs more detail. Materialise it better as well.