My first L4d pose (+ Killing Floor, + Evil Dead)

Added muzzlefash fixed Francis’ neck.

The lighting and posing are superb. What’s with the crap at the bottom of the picture though? The muzzleflash could be better too.

I like it. I was about to say that there was no Evil Dead, but then I spotted the Necromancer.

That is supposed to be cobwebs. :<

Want it off?

Yes the muzzleflash is crap. -_-


Added a muzzleflash, two versions now.

The zombie in the far back is trying to kiss Louis :v:

Francis looks so mentally disturbed it’s funny. The muzzle flash is probably the only beef I have with the picture, other than that it looks swell.

Did you see that Alien on roof! Woah!

What’s up with Francis’ neck?


Goddamnit. >.<

Zoey’s face made me laugh. :v: