My first machinima: The adventures of Helen and Caroline

Comment, criticize, enjoy :slight_smile:

That was really good!

That was brilliant.

That was pretty fantastic.

For a first, that was awesome.
Even if it wasn’t your first, still awesome.

Well done!

Thanks guys :smiley:

Anymore input?

Ending scene was really, really dark. Couldn’t tell what was going on.

At ALL? On my screen I can still make everything out fine :S How much of it could you see?

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A lot better than most gmod videos inspired by other gmod machinima makers (DasBoSchitt, kitty0706, Rubberfruit)

Im impressed, I really like it

This video was inspired by “A day in the life of a turret”. Thanks :smiley:

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Did everyone get the joke about the people in the portrait?

You mean Cave Johnson, and the person who does glados’s voice?

That’s not Cave Johnson that’s Ellen Mclain’s husband, who is the voice actor for the sniper in TF2

And Ellen Mclain also voices the announcer in TF2

for first machinima… epic.

Anymore input?

It wasn’t bad, though the constant “X:XX AM/PM” cycling between scenes became rather droll after a while. The flashback (at least I am guessing that’s what it is?) is rather confusing, is there some significance to the administrator’s multi-colored outfit? The ending was a good cliff-hanger, though I couldn’t see much apart from some glowing something or other.

For a first machinima, it’s quite good. You’ve kept away from the “OMG SO DUMB RAYNDUMB FUNNAY!1! xD” that most stray into, keep up the good work and try to make your scene transitions a little more varied.

The flashback sequence was supposed to be in color, so I gave the announcer a blue/red suit to signify a different day, but when I made it black and white it kind of removed that purpose. Did the flashback make sense in terms of what happened? (She hates birds because she was attacked by seagulls) and the end is supposed to be glados in a new robot body after the two engineers (that she kills) build her a body.