My first machinima

Quite a few mistakes that I noticed after uploading but now I can learn of them. What do you guys think?

ha, the sniper shot made me jump.

for the scene after of in the hills. more foliage. maybe make the title sequences shorter but I know its hard to fit music with them if you shorten them so I know thats tough in my opinion.

maybe some different angles in the beginning of the video and around 2:45 there was some clipping in the bush but you probably knew that. Also at 3:00 the car came to an immediate stop.

Some of your camera angles were impressive but some of them were “meh” also the walking sequences were kind of tedious.

however, for a first machinima it is really good compared to the other first time stuff I’ve seen posted here.

oh and maybe some voice acting would have been nice here and there. seems like there should have been some voice or sound clips.

Rated Artistic

Thank you, voice acting is stuck only behind financial problems (I have a lot of stuff that needs buying and a headset is really low on that list).I’ll try to do something next time to compensate for that unless I get a headset.

Good work for your first machinima. I enjoyed it good luck with future videos.

Pretty good.

I would suggest improving the titles, they looked a bit strange.
In addition the pacing was somewhat slow, maybe add some more thrill or action.

Also, use CATMULL-ROM cameras.

Great job!


That’s really nice work. And if this is your first one, you’ve got talent.

Good movie, but I wish there was some talking/less music.

For your first, very good job :smiley:

My suggestion is just to keep doing what your doing, and do more of it. Make the title a little more interesting, maybe take a bit more time editing, but all in all very good for a first.