My first map (not done yet)

Thats first map i ever made for GMod :slight_smile: (MAP Tested in CS:S)

The idea: Im making this map because of some people thats making some LUA things or building stuff, they have to start game with some huge maps that exacly loading really long and then test their lua scripts or w/e… So now ! U’ll be able to fast load big enought map that has everything u need to test ur stuff !

-2 pools
-NPC Arena
And maybe more. I’ll work on that map more but im not sure that is worth it, i am not skilled mapper.

PS: Map doesn’t require CS:S

Please rate ! 1-10

Based off brushwork and lighting it grants it a bit of an ooh…

I could say more if you had the textures in place, but it looks nice for a start.

I read the title and was thinking…“Oh boy another blocky brick textured map” but this exactly the opposite of what i was expecting. This is very good and keep up the work!


Yea i thought so ^^, well ill do my best :slight_smile:

As people will know, i don’t give praise often, so if i do then you are good. Of course, we will see how it looks once you have textures on…

If you don’t mind me asking…Whats gonna be the theme of this map?


That is because you give true criticism. It may be harsh at times but you always nail it to a T

Not much to look at right now, but the brushwork and lighting use look promising, keep it up.

Well… Read my first post again, i edit it

Okay cool! I looke forward to this!

Theres textured version:

Damn… not good… I used random textures what i found while writing Ceiling, Floor and Wall

When texturing go with a specific theme. Your architecture and lighting is very human, so try not to use combine textures. Try using some concrete textures on the floor walls and ceiling and see how that turns out. The red metal works, but possibly not with that floor.

I wish i have some1 like u on my steam to talk with ^^.

Back to my map, i would be thankful if u gimme an example :slight_smile:

You could always add me…skeeter423

Okay … So theres another textures on my map

It looks like your HDR is broken, place an env_cubemap somewhere at head level and type buildcubemaps in console.

Looks same O_O


Good job. I envy your skills.

Job ? Its not even in 10% of progress, but yea, thanks ^^

Wow, It’s best first map i’ve seen (i think) Better than the other guys thats on here.

Oh my… Thanks ! Thats really good motivation (did i spell it right ?)