My first map :P

Hey Guys I just learned to make maps and i wanted to show you my first creation

Feel Free to comment :smiley:

This is my first map im sorry for the bad light its pretty dark ill try to fix it soon as possible

It’s hideous

Brace yourself.

Ive worked around 1 hour and an half on it, so yeah its not the best one but i just started

Then you’re much better off waiting until you become better/actually put in a decent amount of time on your map. Until then, you’re just going to get a ton of shit by posting unfinished work in the “Releases” section.

oh yeah true sorry :confused:

dont worry but i have som tips 4 u:
always use carve because it makes the map run faster
remember not to use skyboxes as they are very old tech (use large sky textures instead)
make sure to always use hl2 textues as they are the only runs that give you extra gigahertz since they were made by valve
and make sure you don’t have more then 1gb of ram since valve uses 16bit tech in hammer and that only supports 1 gigb. if you have more then 1 gbg take the extra sticks out or cut the 2gb in half

also take out the gpu when mappoing because it causes the flopes to build up sometimes

sorry for goodadb spelling of words and

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Even if it was a joke, it was damn awful and stupid.

Not really something to happy about, but at least you got Lights in it

Get out.

OP, throw me an invite on steam, i’ll help you get up to scratch.


NEVER release your first maps. Keep them, for your eyes only. And use them to learn and improve. Your lighting is majorly off and is going to take a lot of work, but, there are many tutorials out there. The main one I used to learn when I began mapping was: “”. And search up “Hammer Tutorials” on Google and YouTube. Alternatively give me or another one of the mappers a buzz on Steam, and I am sure they will help you out. I understand you’re new and that this is your first map. You have much to learn, but, don’t give up.

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What the fuck are you talking about? Are you purposely trolling the mapping section? You seriously cannot be that dumb. Just, just get out, before you become infamously known.

Thanks for the Tip :stuck_out_tongue:

I am following this tutorials series atm, i made My first map After Seen The First Video

Now i have alots more knowledge about Hammer editor :smiley: Its realy easier thant i though


You have a long way to go. Check out my channel:


Now im trying to find a tutorial that show how to make more complex things like Moving walls and things like that

i cover moving platforms, basic io. Sphinxa covers shitloads.

Dont hate on him guys.
At least it isnt the usual fullbright map.

But it is blocky… oh wait, that’s most the maps in source anyway. :v:

Still, it is kind of good for a first, I must agree, just make sure to release the full product instead of just something made in one and a half hour.

Are you serious.

Are you fucking serious.

Am i the only one to think that he did a pretty good job on his first map? My first maps were waay worse, but still, i was only 10. Stop hating on pac0master, he did well!