My First map (Portal)

I decided not long ago I wanted to learn to map. Its not all too hard because I know alot of people who already map and are helping me out. So knowing I had people to help me I started my map. I decided on a portal map because it would be tricky and fun. I have been working on it since the beginning of this month and am quite pleased with myself.
This is my map i will upload pictures of it when it is more developed and has better lighting.

~ ~

It is nowhere near finished yet. The lighting is not to the standard I want it to be and the button in the second room is a little broken but i plan to develop it more in as this month progresses.
What do you think?

[New Download Link]
Button Works Fully
Added better lighting (still not at stage i want it to be)
Rat Man Room :smiley:
Added More Detail
Made the jump in room 3 possible
Rat room has light
Fixed lights (Excluding entry corridor)
Fixed alignments (Say if you find any more)
Props in Rat Man room
Edited puzzles
better lighting
A turret
more details


Whenever you make a thread regarding feedback, always add images. People like to see what they are downloading.

Yeah, screenshots would be nice. :v:

All caps map name, great start.


Not the worst first map I have ever seen. Lighting could do with more work.

Looks pretty dark. You need to also add some color to it usually a blueish color. Look at the released .vmf of test chamber 5 that valve released. And try to infiltrate some of that. It’s pretty good for a first map.

Ok I added screens of the map. If anybody has any ideas what I can do to fix the lights in the button room I would be very appreciative

That actually looks good for a first map


Place the light source in the middle of the room not close to any walls and it should look a little better (on the picture where a part of the wall is almost fully white)

WOW. Almost all first map threads are “Lookit what I dun did here! (terrible screenie of a terrible 1 texture map) isn’t it grate?” yours actually Well thought out, and for a first map it looks great!

Yes aaro, looks shiny :smiley:

I have fixed the button for the door in room 2 and the lighting in room 1. Anybody know how I could fix the lighting in room 2? because no matter what I try I can’t get it sorted by using portal lighting methods.

This being room 2

Is this your first map or your first released map?
If so, I applaud you. Usually a person’s first map is horrible.

Thank You . It is not finished but i am usually working on it and it is coming along very well i just need to sort lighting out and I will re upload and add new screens.

The problem is it’s way too empty for a Portal map. Most of the maps in Portal are sortof small, and not too open. Many different floor levels, and areas only gotten to by dropping 4 levels into a portal to fly out to the other side of the room to the goal.

I am going to update the download and add some more screens in the next few hours

I hope you worked on your alignment. Portal was very precise about its alignment. I.e. perfect tiles, perfect walls.

Alignment should use some work but it’s a nice looking map, plus, bonus points for it being a first map you released.

Where would you say is the worst aligned area?

That pit in one of the pictures, it doesn’t align with the tiles

The Pictures uploaded by rampageturke are old if those are the pictures you are talking about. Its alot nicer looking in the version i am working on.