My First Map(To Be Relased)

So, My first map that I will release is a basic fight yard map for counterstrike sources.
Progress so far as of all last night.
Just the basic blocking in with no draw.
Any comments or critics welcome.

Well continue, then we’ll judge you like you’ve never been judged before.

You need to post ingame screenshots.

To go on with, you need to add environmental lighting, a skybox and additional lights where nessecery (in buildings etc).

For additional features, try watching peoples tutorials, such as firegods, sphinxa’s or mine.

Subscribed to all of them including 3kliksphilip and unbrokenjack they seem like they know what they are doing

Unsubscribe and forget everything that 3kliksphilip has taught you, you’ll never hear the end of it on the mapping forum unless you act fast.

Shut up.

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He’s not that bad. He has some very usefull tutorials. He said one thing that isn’t a reat thing to do when making maps because its bad for optimisation, and FP had a big squirt about.

Just watch some of his latest stuff.

Stick with the three i put in and you won’t go far wrong. 3kliks makes a few too many mistakes in his tutorials for my liking (he thinks you shouldn’t carve because it makes it difficult to resize things), plus he is a cock.

Update added Textures and lighting.
Spawn areas:
Main area(added displacements, crates, and got rid of some walls to help flow):
Downstairs with lighting:
Upstairs with lighting:
Before adding lights(way to dark):
Towers textured(looking sexy):

Check out my last tutorial on arches to get a smoother curve. You tend not to get a point of brightness on a flourscent light, but it does tend to be more yellow. If you want to do a section of wall that has been damaged, create a wall and knock bricks out, rather than creating a large symetrical hole.

No structure will be stable with a wooden bottom like that. Either make it all stone, all wood, or make it look like a stable structure.