My first map!

Hi every one I just wanted t tell you I made a map called Gm_Gun_Range.

Download it here:

and tell me what you think! (it this is in the wrong section please move it not ban me)

No pics no clicks.

What NotMeh said, I won’t bother to look at a person’s first map, especially if there are no pictures. Without even downloading the map, I can just tell that this map is fullbright, blocky, and lacks detail in the form of brush based details and props.

I will suffer the blocky textures and bad lighting to give proper feedback! :v:

fine I will get pics

lol man bad lighting and a sleeping guy the block is too tall and you have a useless room

ya… I skrewed up but I will fix in the next version… thank you for telling me though.

Terrible lighting, way too blocky, bad grid size, stupid prop placement, and poor texture usage.

This, this, THIS!


I know… but remember this was my very first map and there are no leaks, so I will make a v2 and please feel free to critisise and if any one wants to help then ask and I will sen you the .vmf file and I will include you on the credits. ( I need a mapping helper/ tester)

First map is no longer an excuse.

I know… but can some one help? oh and first time using hammer is an excuse =) (probably not but it is… I don’t know how to make sky boxes so my rooms are allways dark.)

My very first map was crap, but it was WAY better than this.

You released too quickly.

Next time, don’t just upload and ask for feedback, play it your self and ask “if i was testing this for someone else, what would i think?” and “if i saw this map in a source game, would i be satisfied?”.


Two words that can be used to say how good a map is. One is Bleugh (bad) and the other is ooh (good). This maps first word is Bleugh.

Too dark, blocky, looks nothing like a gun range (and i have seen a few in my time).



thank you hl2 I needed to know that… I was using the light envioroment entity

light_environment really should only be used on the outside when you have a skybox.

Use “light” entity indoors and “light_environment” outdoors.

Blocky, first pic clearly has a light right near the wall, with no visible light source. The other pictures are too dark to even see what’s going on. Needs a lot of work. I don’t see where a “gun range” fits into this map. Never ever release your first/second/third/fourth/fifth map, unless you’re absolutely sure it’s beautiful.