My First map

please more to the last post I made which is on page two

I expected a shitty fullbright 5 seconds map but this is just fucking AWESOME!

I think the gameplay area is too crowded for a TF2 map.

And yes, valve broke the proper model viewer in their last update. Go to tools>options and then uncheck use VGUI model browser to use the old one, which is crap, but works.

That is amazing… I, w… words can’t even describe it. Great job on first map. I hope to see the finished product soon :smiley:

metallics you are right some places of the map are a bit to crowded but its not finished yet right now I am working on the back way into the bass I do not want to make it so there is only one way in and out which would be dumb. lol

Wow, that’s really good for a first map. :open_mouth:

I like it. Very good for a first map.

I’d suggest making those pillars less thin.

Pretty nice… Although, you should change the lights a bit, because there are just too many.

Very good for a first map.
As DemonDog said you should make the pillars thicker.

Add light sources (i.e. lamps, not just lights coming out of the walls)! It looks really good a for a first map, though. And move the lights a bit further away from the walls (will make it look more realistic, not make it seem like they’re burning the wall :p)

lol ya they do look like they are burning a hole in the wall lol i will get back to in when I get some more free time.

The pillars need to be wider so spies can use them.

Artistic for you!

jesus, kudos man…

Lighting sources, and try not to get that incredi-bright area around the light entity.

Holy fuck, Either this man has pure experience, learned, or just went and done a map and it looked like this fucking awesome map. Artistic!

Work on your lighting, and add more props / texture variation to the room in general. Good job though, I like the sense of symmetry you have. Keep it up.

Good start!

First map with built cubemaps!?

Those lights spots are a bit weird on the walls.

Nice map for a first timer.