My first mentionable podracer

I finally cracked the secret behind pod racers!

I finally made a pod racer that behaves like they do in starwars. All three pods are completely independant. It hovers on repulsors. A previous version used an E2 but the repulsor proved to be more stable and smooth. It steers by rotating its pods. Its pods rotate using an advanced ball socket. Here is the steering system:

Underneath the driver pod there is an axised phx super flat plate. It has elastics on it to limit its turning. It is anvanced ballsocketed to the thruster pods with a slave setting so they turn when it turns. The plate has thrusters on its edges to turn it, thus turning the engine pods.

This is my first pod racer, suggestions and critique are encouraged

Damn nice job, i was just playing around with this tonight too. Im pretty much at the point that you were, im playing ball sockets now trying to get everything to work.

I am the secret of pod racers :-p

I didn’t use any with mine, just ropes and elastics,

anyway C&C I’ll be honest, it doesn’t look good but aslong as it works and you’re happy with it, good for you

Lol repulsors. Good times. I didn’t even know they still work.

Ya, repulsors still work. I used them because they were more stable than my applyforce e2, which caused the rear pod to spaz. I used the ballsockets for steering, the engine pods are also ballsocketed with the same settings, but that was before I had the idea of using the ballsocket for steering it the way that I did. The ballsocket between the pods is probably unessesary. It is free movement, so all it does is syncronise the pods’ turning, but with them now controlled by that phx plate it is unessesary.

And Onemanclan, try using the same meathod I did for steering. That is how I finally got a good one. It could probably be achived with winches, hydros, etc but the design is quite simple

Here are my ballsocket settings:

Set all minimums to -1 and set all positives to 1
then check free movement. Apply between each pod and the steering square. Perhaps between the engine pods but probably unsessesary.

I tried to get you guys a video but gmod crashed when I started recording.

The original pod racer is just doors, elastics, and ballsockets. I then prefabed, nocollided with all, and duplicated the asthetic skins which i put over the doors

Hmmm… We need a pod racing map…

Cool man thanks! ill give it a whirl.

yeah, thats the slave ballsocket setting. It is for the win

Not sure how you’ve made it but using -1 and 1 will pretty much lock them togetter so
leaving some slack could make it more realistic min -10 max 10 xy and z

Ropes dammit, I know my tutorial wasn’t great on the whole hovering front but I thoght the constraints were pretty clear.

The free movement box is checked, so all the ballsocket does is syncronise turning. It effects nothing else. It is also only applied between the two pods and each pod and the steering plate. (now that I use the plate it really no longer needs the ballsocket between the two.) So the driver pod moves exactly as it should. With free movement checked, the pods can move forward, backward, left, and right independantly. The only thing that binds them is rotation