My First Movie "Random Movie of Destruction"

I think this is 1028517250th time I see this video

I do so like the way he removes all bad comments from the video, and gets his friend to rate it 5 stars and comment “awesome”.

On to the actual criticism(which I can’t put on Youtube because he will just remove it):
You should have used a bit more imagination with the scenes, because all of those ideas have already been done around a dozen times. Also, you could have used some other map than gm_construct, its a tad over-used in all random videos.

Practice makes perfect.

Yes it does.

Whats the song at 1:23

I believe that is Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelts.

Awful video. This seems to be a failed rip off of the Idiots of Garry’s Mod.

So… You ripped of DJY1991.

Virtually the same opening sequence, but worse.
Everything in the video has been used so many times by so many people.

It’s a fairly ok film, but you just need more imagination when making it. :v:

Regurgitated jokes, memes, annoying music and random deaths don’t make a good video.

Needs more originality.

Omg your right.
BadLadJon (16 hours ago)

Removed my comment too :confused:

Thank’s for all the negativity

Look’s like people don’t like it when they post their first video, aye?

Well. I’m making an original plot called ‘GMod Wipeout’ Similiar to the ‘Total Wipeout’ Show but with different challenges.

Well posting your first video is fine and all, as long as its your idea and not a ripoff from someone elses.


Try putting some effort into your movies before you create a piece of crap.

We don’t care if it’s your first movie. We like it when you post good movies, we don’t like it when you post bad movies (like this one).

And if you’re really removing negative comments from your videos, please stop doing that or stop making movies. If you’re not fit to take criticism you’re not fit to present anything to the community.