My first movie!

Hi! My name is Marius! I be from Poland. I like creating a movie with Garry’s Mod.
This is my first movie :razz:

Hello, my name is apostolos! I be from Greece. I would like to redirect you to the place where you should post your Garry’s mod video.
This is my 10nth time redirecting a person there :razz:


Not so bad for the First movie, especially music fit part in the middle. But still, lot of work to do.

<Don’t use memes from 2006, facepunchers don’t apreciate memes at all>

and the plot was?

terribly bad, be ashamed of yourself

How dare you would assume that I would partake in sexual intercourse with your computer. These implications are most insulting.

This video is bad and you should feel bad

also get rid of that shitty intro


And yeah, this video sucks. Remove it immediately.

if only that were true, but everywhere i go theres always this dumb “FOREVER ALONE” crap and “FUUUUUUUUUU”

I like how in the scene where he was on the computer, you could see “bluescreen.jpeg” on the desktop.

Terrible video

Notice this is a section for Gmod Screenshots AND Movies?

Notice on how late you are?