My First pic or wallpaper

How do I upload a picture so other people can see it? Every time i try it is just words.

Upload the picture here
And post the URL here.

The website uses BBCode, so when you upload the picture, get the link of the picture and post it in this format:

enter link in between these tags

So, when you put the link inside the code, you’ll get your image. I’ll use my avatar as an example.

Like this.

Use this instead.
1.Hit simple
2.Upload you screen shot from Garry’s mod
3.Click on BBcode then copy past.
Like so.

Use this site
Follow directions below.

And after 2 threads of you guys trying to explain it, still nothing happens! >:|

Wow that took you quite some time, your internet must be really slow.

no… i havnt been on in a while i have been busy

Well, its looks ok. The heavy mouth looks a little weird. Also turn your graphics settings all to high when taking pictures.