My first pose: Two terrorists chilling in cs_office while a CT sneaks up on them

I am sure this is super cliche but what ever.
Just started on Gary’s Mod.
Lemme know what you think:

As you can see on the CT I haven’t quite figured out the finger poser yet and these are totally un-edited purely just for posing purposes… :smiley:

Yeah, the CS:S models are on a weird-ass skeleton and (I THINK) don’t have fingerposing. I suggest getting some custom models.

It’s okay for your first I guess, try to practice editing a bit, try to be creative with poses and people should like them.

Yeah, what would you expect from a first Poser.

It’s actually quite good, the posing is great.

good pose as the first time

You need to get better models and fast to the release section!


Whats that, CT?
Use an machine pistol instead of a normal pistol?

Decent posing on the Ts although the CT doesn’t look like he’s sneaking at all. Idea is unoriginal but this is pretty good for a first pose.

As dutch-guy said, look into getting some better models/skins.

That’s a mac 10/11 :confused:

Let me fix that.

Thanks for the advice/compliments I will work on getting some new models and check out photo editing. :smiley:

Don’t worry too much about the editing. Get the posing down and mess about with in-game post-processing first. People who start trying to be pro at editing before they get pro at posing tend to end up being shit at both things. Take it slow and you’ll be awesome in no time.

I see alot of mistakes in this one (oh lawdee) I don’t know why there would be two couches right in the middle of a hallway, the posing is a bit off, don’t know why these terrorists are slacking off, and I don’t see why the counter terrorist has an explosive charge. Overall I give it a 2/5 since it’s your first.

good advice