My first pose.

Which of these two do you think is the best?[/media]

That’s not how you form a fist.

That’s now how you swing your arms when you walk.

It’s how I walk :tinfoil:

I recommend you see a doctor ASAP.

Also, I used this as a reference.


automerge broken

It looks almost nothing like that picture you used a reference. (The posing)

It could also use better faceposing.

my friend once made a fist like that, then tried to punch me, he broke his thumb

That’s the first thing you need to learn about punching when you learn martial arts, putting the thumb inside your fist will break your thumb.

I did that on purpose when I was in the 7th grade, cause I was fat and didn’t want to have gym :hurr:

Also work on your posing, a lot, try to make it look as similiar as possible, your settings doesn’t look too low,
(It might just be the map but that grass is shit bro)
but if it’s not on max try to get it that high for at least when you’re taking the screenshot, use the zoom on the camera, look up on some good posing shots in the section and try to get a similar neat angle which fits with your pose.

Also zooming in leaves less open space, however if there are annoying large open space try to fill it with some props.
Make it look neat so it doesn’t look like you spammed 10 barrels and just tossed them into the air.
… i had something else as well but suddenly overload of steam chats made me forget so…have a good one.

When you’re unsure about the posing, try doing the pose you want in real life. For example, the fists. If you ball up your fist, you’ll see that the thumb is on the outside of the hand, kind of not really going past the index or middle finger.

But keep practicing. Posing is one of the easier visual outlets to do in my opinion. You can get better in no time.


Reminds me of one of my first poses, doesn’t look bad at all.

The angle does leave a lot of wasted space and the posing is a bit wonky, but both can be improved if you practice around looking for a nice angle that shows the picture’s action perfectly and teak the ragdolls so they look just like the reference pics.

good for a first pose

but ballin his fists like that, swingin his arms

damn that’s gay son