My first Post of poses

This is my first shot at this and I’d love some comments and advice

I REALLY NEED YOUR INPUT GUYS! But please, if your going to tell me its crap give me a reason and a way to improve and I’ll gladly accept it.


Woops left one out

they need AA

Forgive me for being a complete noob here, but AA?


Yeah, the thing that makes the edges look soft.

Turn up your graphics for the screenshots, because it won’t matter if you lag. No one can see that in the screenshots and they’ll look nicer.

Ain’t that bad.

Alright thanks guys, latter today ill try the AA and maybe a few poses with graphics higher thanks for the tips so far.

Use SDoF not simple DOF and remember to always render!

And when you take pictures be sure to take the best angle for the picture or before you take the pic visualice the angle and adjust the pose to it.

I like the Terminator one.

Alright thanks for the tips, im working on a new one incorporating all this stuff right now