My first (proper) HL2/Gmod map (WiP)

I’ve been interested in source mapping for a few years, but never really got anything started apart from watching a few tutorials and making a basic square room. But around 10 days ago, I wanted to get back into it, properly. And I’m feeling good about what I made, so far. The results I have now are from watching some 3kilksphillip and a couple tophattwaffle tutorials. It’s inspired by half life 2 in general, gm_construct, and a bit of rp_downtown and RP_Littletown. It’s not done yet, and I have many ideas for it, although I’m not sure I want to work on it for too long, since it’s my first map, it doesn’t have to be amazing. One big thing is a 3d skybox. I got it working, but it created these giant black shadows that ruined the lighting, so I removed it for now.


Its pretty nice looking, it gives me cozy 2011 gmod vibes.

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Thanks! Glad it gives off those vibes!