My first public pose.

I didn’t do the editing only the posing.
This is my first public pose ever so don’t be to harsh, however I would like to know what to do different or better so C&C’s please.

editing by the-dutch-guy/the-dutch-man

muzzle flash is great just try to stay away from google images front page muzzles.
smoke is a little sharp and needs to be color adjusted but posing is pretty nice and there is nothing else wrong with the image in my point of view.

I didn’t edit it the-dutch-guy did, but thanks and I will try editing it myself next time :v:!

It’s a very good pose, but it’s ALSO a very boring part of the map.
The ground textures are almost painfully low-res.
For a 1st I definately give this 10/10, cause the posing there is nothing wrong.
only thing I could suggest is go to * something like that *
They got a good group of high quality maps, unlike FPS where ya have to search through 50 maps you don’t want for the 1 you do want.

I do really like it for a 1st though this is great for a 1st. If you manage finding other people’s 1st poses you would agree fairly quickly. :smiley:

Ok thanks a lot, I will definately keep that in mind :).

glad to see that you credited me :c00l:

Looks very good, use the prop posing techinque though, here:


Also, caan I have the original of this?

I might try editing it

I have it but i need dr.richthofens permission.


I edited it for him so i think i have permission.

Altight pose, especially for a first. These are the things that caught my eye (not too many of them actually)

A bit pointless, but since it’s a first, that’s forgiven.

the gun’s butt clips heavily into the shoulder.

The guy with the assault rifle isn’t holding either of the grips properly. You need to align the line from the beginning of the pinkie to the beginning of the index finger with the direction of the grip. So in this case it’d be almost horizontal for the front hand, and (the index finger side) tilting a bit to the front for the the rear hand.

Also he’s not looking at whatever he’s shooting.

The posing otherwise is good, I might even say very good. It looks pretty natural.

Note, that even though I said all the flaws I found (in the posing, that is, there are some in the editing, but they’re not yours), none of them were really major. Very good for a first try.