My first ragdoll

Yeah, I know this is stupid, but since I recently learned how to make ragdolls (props to DanielPinoy for giving me a link to the tutorial), I decided to post stuff about what I’m trying to do in Gmod.

I expect that you guys will come up with pedo/loli jokes about this, but yeah, that’s Shirley Temple herself, in her 1930s Golden Era glory. Thought of making her as a ragdoll in Gmod for some reason, partially because she’s one of my fave actresses and that there seems to be a shortage of celebrity rags in this game.

Here are some pics:

Sweet Jesus that’s scary lookin!

Yeah, I guess so.

It’s more of a doll than a human, but I like its look…

You have some smoothing errors around the elbow and waist.

Yep, noticed that. Might try on correcting it asap.