My first real lua script

dP Admin Mod. (Deadly Paradox Admin Mod)

Well, I wanted to do something that I’ve never done before. A real project. So I started making a admin mod, with the very basic functions.
Kick and Ban. Now I’m starting to add slay, ignite, mute and freeze. But you all are welcome to make some functions for it.

It’s realy simple, but I want some ideas from you all.

Admin Wallhack

ConVar set to 0 here:

ConVar set to 1 here:

Added a new tab taking the info from file.Write including Name and SteamID and file.Read it into the menu:

You can add the info from the Player(s) tab to your clipboard:

Spectate mod has been added!

Kill logs:

Chat logs:

Looks nice!

Thanks bro!

Awesome! Thanks for supporting dP also :smiley:

nice persius and ty for being such an awwsome coder :3 Glad to have you in dp

No problem guys, and thanks for the positive feedback!

no pproblem you deserve it :slight_smile:

Thanks Persious… ALOT! dP Greatly Appreciates It [:

Idk what dP is, but there already a lot of admin mods out there. I can understand if this is going to stay a private admin mod is going to be used for specific purposes, but if you’re going to release it you’d better make sure it’s good or you will get attacked by elitists.

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It looks nice, btw.

I’m pretty sure he’s gonna keep it private.

It will be private, as this is my first real lua script I made.

Add a column showing Steam IDs and maybe Unique IDs. User IDs are kind of useless for the admin to know.

Well yeah, I Think I will do that.

Very nice, but you’ll want some icons to make that grey Derma look more appealing.

Much better than most people’s first “real” script. Looking good.

Thanks Overv. Well yeah, icons would be great. But I hate picking icons myself, so it would be good if someone told me which ones.

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And thanks to you Thomas

The chatbox feature looks good. Very very good indeed. With one or two distinctive-ish features, it seems this would make a good light weight admin mod.

Thanks, I realy appreciate these nice feedbacks.

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I just added a Admin Wallhack using ConVars (First time I used ConVars)

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ConVar set to 0 here:

ConVar set to 1 here:

Well, you’ve surpassed my biased expectations, of a first project. I remember my first project sucked. You’re talented though.

Yeah this is pretty good for a first project. Is Lua your first language?