My first screenshot. How does it look?

How does it look?

I used some photoshop for the lighting effects, but everything else is in game. Anything that could help with my posing, lighting, editing, etc is appreciated.

I guess you have the right idea of what you want it to look like, and if you can afford to upgrade your machine to get better visuals then your pics will get a big boost.
You also need to experiment with how you’ll set up a shot and angles and all that good stuff.
but first focus on how you’re gonna get better graphics.

try img tags


don’t edit until you can pose

Eh, I don’t think the posing is that bad. From the other side you can see him looking at the paper with his hands holding it. It’s just a really bad angle.

(And to everyone else, thanks for the quick tips! I’ll be working on my posing and camera angles.)

the posing is that bad.

Hemm, im not sure to understand what happening on the screen

Can someone will explain me. And sorry if my english is not so good…

It’s just a random screenshot to see the response. Basically, It is a man standing inside his home, watching what is happening outside and reading the paper. (It’s set in the Half-Life universe, around the time of the combine/alien invasion.)

Believe me, that is not good posing.

One thing I’m sure you’ll figure out eventually is that a pose looking good from one direction does not look good from all directions.

So, what I’d do is place a static camera first, then set up your scene. After that, adjust your zoom and camera rotation, then pose your ragdoll, checking back occasionally with your static camera to make sure everything looks good.

What is the light on the top of the TV for?

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Posing is odd, and those furnitures seems to be badly placed.

Its called the 7-Hour-War.
And why the fuck would there be screens showing rebels fighting the combine?

The posing is bad, but it’ll get better with practice.

Try raising your graphic settings, and really working with lighting. REALLY work it with lighting. Low resolution textures are a no-no. I tried to improve on your idea though.

Try using a different map for one, not gm_construct, posing and lighting need work but keep at it.

friendly tips

Highest graphical settings->Full AA->Zoom into your scene->Apply cinematic lighting