My first screenshot. Ratings, critics and information.

Since I’ve spent 900 Hours of my lifetime playing GMod(Singleplayer), but never done any scenes, I thought I should do one.
What do you think about it? What’s good, whats bad and whats horrible wrong?

I’m thinking of doing more in the future, but I don’t know what STools, Props, Ragdolls, Maps, Effects or other Addons are useful for this. A few Hints would be great.
Also plenty of other tips would be nice.

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I’ve heard about an addon that makes ragdolls easier to move, but I can’t remember its name. Does someone know what addon this is?

The focus of the picture is in the center, you could probably move it off to the side a bit to avoid the bullseye effect.

Ragdoll stand up tool is p handy for scenes with humanoids in them

I’d like to do another screenshot with different settings, but my Computer crashed before i could safe the dupe. :v:

protip, when you do pictures of nature,vegetation, you should not do a satellite-like angle, select an angle as close to the grass as possible. Basically, focus on that cat, but drag the camera down. That way the grass and nature appear more 3D.

I’d like to know more about post-processing effects and editing my pictures with Gimp.
Does anyone have tips for that?