My First screenshot this year! :D

Please tell me what you think. i think i done pretty good :wink:

Why so much bloom?

Plenty of things to point out.

The bloom is just awful. Gotta adjust it for it to best suit the scene.

Toy town? Or Simple DoF, either of those isn’t a good idea for using. Use SuperDoF. Yes it’ll slow the game to a crawl, but just power through, click where you want the focus, bring the strength bar down a bit from the default, hit Render. Then hit take screenshot or the 5 button on the UI of it if you use another way to get the pictures.

Settings seem to not be at max. Even on an old laptop that can’t handle AA and Dynamic shadows, it is worth turning all you can up for the shot. You don’t need playable frames for the picture taking.

The angle is a bit off, but you got the whole step back, zoom in correct. So that’s not so bad.
Aside from those, the pose is pretty good. Finger posing is quite decent. You got potential for sure.

I can appreciate the effort to use fingerposing, faceposing, an interesting angle, and a pose that isn’t awful by any standpoint. Still, tone down the bloom a bit, maybe add in some lamps and give it a more interesting background. That’s all I can suggest for ya.

the angle was crooked for a reason. it was intentional. i done that because i saw an example of a screenshot and thought an angle would be cool.

Yeah looking back it doesn’t look bad. But yeah you got angles down pretty well, which is good. And the zooming. A lot of people mess that up, and have this horrible camera work that just makes the pose even worse.

The pose is pretty good though, everything else needs work though.