My first ScreenShot [Untitled]

Old Creation:
Got the idea from a photo ive seen of Luis with his hand broken.
love criticism, it’ll help me out.

New Creation thanks to criticism

aliasing needs to be turned on, and faceposing need work

Well the finger posing could use some work…

Nah really:smile: Isolation looks bad. No smoothing on the background. Jagged edges is not out friend.

Wouldn’t that make the pic pretty horrible? :smug:

dont know how to smooth in photoshop, no smooth button :stuck_out_tongue: I just blur slightly.

it would indeed wouldnt it

Amazing finger posing right there

I fixed most of the stuff you told me to do but for some reason the edges wont anti-alias but the inside will

You should just work on posing instead.

now try it with francis eating a zombie :smiley: that will make my life complete

Not gonna lie Uglehs, that is one pro screenshot.

I think it’s pretty Ugleh.




I don’t like the edges.