My first screenshots

This is my first attempt at trying to do screenshots, please feel free to judge them in any way.

P.S. I lack photoshop and do now know good editing programs. (Please link me to some :D)

I kinda like the last one.
But filter usage on FP = :suicide:

They’e okay at best.

The last one looks the best. Drop the filters and make sure you pose their fingers.

I think it’s decent. Like the part where you play with color tone.

For some reason, I really like the 2nd one.


Learn to pose properly before you start editing stuff.

In the first 2 pictures they’re not even holding their guns properly, there’s no fingerposing. The legs look awkwardly placed too. And the guy holding the other guy looks really stiff, not like he’s carrying any weight.

They are all ok, especially if you’re new to editing as well. If you aren’t. Then that’s a different story.

Posing is bad, you should check out some tutorials, also check real life references. google pictures and youtube which shows people running, climbing, jumping, walking, shooting, eating pizza. etc.

Great edit on the second pic, best advice i can give you is zoom in with the camera to remove the fisheye effect when taking pictures