My first scripts for DarkRP

Hello everyone, sorry for my English use a translator, I want to present you a simple, but dobovlyat RP sriptik … It is constructed simply prodovets clothing prodoet clothes, the people of her dress, and everyone is happy, Police, Swat, and Mer can not wear … If such a script already exists sorry, I do not particularly laziyu to and faсepunch
I hope you do not condemn.

Download link:

this is not surprise at all, but brilliant idea.

Thx. :downs:

Wow, looks cool. Might make RP a little more interesting for once.

Soon lay out a link to download now, will not accept anything file

Wheres the download link?

Download link:

nice :wink:

^ thx. :downs:

Finally something that fits DarkRP. - And it’s amazing seeing people make great “addons” for DarkRP.

Will people get errors

^ Nope.avi

^^ thx. :downs:

Good work :smiley:

Thx. :downs:

Might be nice for different T shit models.

All it does is change the player model for each shirt you use?

I don’t understand what this script does? EXPLAIN PL0X

DrJenkins Not only …

.Kaleb Yes i use “ply:SetModel” but its script specially fo normal DarkRP players

ne0nz Player buy item(short icon) and press E and changed models…