My first serious attempt at posing [may not be as bad as you think]

Well, there she is. Not supposed to mean anything, just some girl looking out on the land as night approaches.

I’m a contraptioneer, so this is a rarity for me. My goal was to delve into the world of screenshots and posing to see how I’d fare, and I think I came out alright for my first go at it. I just wanted to make a nice looking screenshot, and I’m pleased with the results. I’m sure there are a million things wrong with it that need to be fixed before it’s considered good around here, but I’m satisfied with the fact that I tried. Here are some unedited outtakes, all of which I felt had an equal shot at looking good post-process, besides that last one, which I didn’t like too much. Tell me if I didn’t actually do half bad, I’d be impressed if I didn’t.[/thumb]

It’s nice actually. Only gripe is the thickness of the breath and the blurring. Can’t be sure if you manually blurred or used DoF, always use SDoF.

I was going to, but it went all woogidy on me and crashed Garrysmod, probably did something wrong.

When you use super DoF, you have to disable multicore rendering. For some reason it causes GMod to crash if you don’t.

Not much to pose with 1 ragdoll, but you did a damn fine job.
I look forward to seeing a picture with multiple subjects from you.

I felt that with my current knowledge, multiple objects might have been a stretch, so I opted for just one, which I felt I could make look decent. I may try this again, maybe with more presense/body to it.

If you haven’t, get Enhanced Citizens v2 and start practicing posing with the physics of these.

Will help you to be meticulous and accurate when you master posing on floppy ragdolls.

Chonch told me about those. I guess I’ll pick them up sometime and do a bit of playing. Thanks for that.

Not awful. Better then my first, which admittedly isn’t much of a compliment. Still, not bad.

Not bad, but turn up your jpeg quality before taking screenshots.

The last one is my favourite.

The only real problem I’m seeing posing-wise is the hands, they seem to be in a weird position.

Still, good work!

Well, since you don’t seem to want any criticism.
I’ll just say it’s decent.

jpeg_quality 100 in console might give you a bit of quality boost when taking pictures. i can’t really give you much criticism since i’m hardly qualified to do so as i have never made a pose myself. but i would say i like the last one best, and here’s why:

  1. it’s got much better lighting. although it’s a bit over the top with the orange it gives the image a warm feeling and in comparison the other pics just look sterile.
  2. it’s the only one in the set where it’s not painfully obvious that the icicle or the pine is just a 2d texture.
  3. it’s the most sharp of them.

there is one thing that i don’t like about it though, and that’s that the girl has the expression of derp on her. it looks a bit like she’s going “i wonder if the moon really is made of cheese…?”

anyway, i think you did a great job for a first pose but what the hell do i know :v:

really good for a first mate, better than my first for sure

I never said I didn’t want any criticism. That’s the whole reason anyone posts anything hree, isn’t it?

As far as JPEG quality, I could’ve sworn it was at 100, maybe it wasn’t.