"my first serious pics" [Welcome to city 17] + bonus

yo all facepunch users… my name is Cj… well iam pretty new here on facepunch.
I hope you will enjoy my pictures… i still training Photoshop… so if the editing isn’t good sometimes… you know… but maybe you people can help me improve that…
anyway… here is the pics
Iam pretty proud of this one… i don’t know what you think… but Comment and tell me.

and this pic… well i ain’t proud of it… but whatever… comment and tell me what to improve.

well… have a nice day everyone!
peace and love

sooper srs bsns

This is a really good start.

thank you bro :slight_smile:

looks good Bro!

Thanks bro :wink:

Great start there, kiddo. Hope to see more of you.

thanks sir

Seriously good posing for a beginner. Keep this up and you’ll be a screenshots forum superstar in no time.

wow… thanks :smiley:

very nice

Is good.

Very very good.

Also, Breen looks kinda like John Cleese, which cracked me up.

Yeah, for starting in this… You’re probably among the few that makes decent pictures.

Keep improving, keep trying new things.

All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!
But these pictures own.

Composition and angles are great. Could be more contrast between the two people and their background in the first picture; at the moment they don’t stand out as much as they should.

I really like the first one. I can see you’ll get somewhere.

One advice I can give you; don’t be afraid to experiment. Try out stuff you never knew about, screw around and see how shit works.

Breen wears a toupee?

In all seriousness, these are very nice.

thanks everybody!
this means much to me ;D


Both pictures are pretty good, for the second one I suggest improving on small details like finger-posing.

Nice work on both, nice choice of models :wink: