My first serious pose?

Hello! Before saying this is utter crap please understand that I am just here hoping to receive some feedback and be given some pointers so I can develop my skills. I was inspired by a recent thread that involved skyrim.

Here is my very first serious pose:

Please leave any feedback or constructive comments below. Any help is appreciated!

Can’t really tell what the pose is supposed to be, bad lighting - which accounts for the misplaced shadow, low quality fire effects, too zoomed out from the characters.

Cut the entire picture except a square for the 2 subjects. Adjust the angle of the camera to put in the rule of thirds to make image more pleasing to the eye. Perhaps make the pose more dynamic by putting the camera over the shoulder of the Falmer.

Framing is important.

Everything needs work, but I would start with the composition. A good place to start with that is the rule of thirds.

To improve you will have to zoom in. Your picture captures a lot of utterly empty and unnecessary space. I can outline what you’re trying to capture here as : the guy jumping with the axe, the falmer victim, the fire, the shadow of the warrior cast by the fire onto the wall (that shadow is a good idea). So, since those are the things you’re trying to capture, make them fit and occupy the most space in the picture. In your current picture, the shadow, falmer, and warrior are so small and far apart that they’re spread far across the image with a lot of empty, non relevant, rocks and nature around it.

A solution here can be two things. You can rotate the angle so that the falmer, warrior, and warrior shadow are closer together by taking the picture closer from the falmer’s side. Or you could take the same picture with the same angle by stepping back and zooming in to improve the field of view and increase the focus on your characters in the picture. In this case you would probably not be able to capture the warrior shadow though.