My first (shitty) Pose

Also, Does anyone know where the hell I can get sprites for gunfire?

Constructive criticism would be great.

Eh, it’s okay. You need fingerposing and such.

You can use Photoshop to shop in sprites but since I don’t do that myself, it’s easier to use the ingame effects for muzzleflashes. At least, that’s my opinion.

Check that thread and see which was your first/second/third mistake.

Posing is stiff, it needs fingerposing, muzzleflashes are bad and the angle is ugly.


Google images + “muzzle flash” = tons of sprites/brushes

a lot better than i remember my first pose, add a few bullet wounds to the zombie if you can. Make sure hes actually holding the pistols, and not the top of them, and try finger posing and dont use any default gmod map, try a css or a dod:s map

Thanks guys, I just realized how off the hands are, After dropping the weapon I got tired and quickly put it in.

Learn to pose and then learn to edit.

Use different maps, use fingerposing, use faceposing and work on the general posing.