My first source 2 map

I practiced some with source 1 hammer and I use a bunch of other 3D programs. I always loved the large sandbox maps in garry’s mod and I wanted to try making one for s&box. I don’t have half life alyx or s&box so I can’t texture anything yet, but I created something I think is cool. Next I am going to start making buildings. One thing I am not sure how to fix is that my long twisting road up the mountain is loaded with n-gons. I might have to remake it in a more careful way but that would also have to mean molding the mountain around the road again.


Heyyy looking decent! especially your mountain work :smiley:

I’m in the same situation as you, So I wrote a guide here on how you can actually use your own textures since you are using SteamVR. I also made a Youtube video showing the full process of downloading textures for free and slapping them into your map. Here: How to create Blend Materials for Source 2

Also about the Ngons, Use the Vertices tool and the cutting tool (pressing c for cutting tool whilst in vertices mode and holding the CTRL button down will allow you to cut wherever you want. This guy has a great guide on how to deal with Ngons his whole series on hammer2 is pretty good! I’ve linked the exact moment that talks about the Ngon solution in this YouTube link:


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Thanks for the tips! Using your tutorial I made a basic material for the terrain. I’m happy with it. Next I need to make the buildings and figure out what to do for the skybox so that there isn’t just an ugly cutoff with the terrain.

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Its an island now! I decided to add water around everything and finish the back sides of the mountains. Now I have finished texturing all of the roads. As you can see I have been adding houses. They definitely aren’t the greatest but making them has helped me learn a lot about designing buildings.

If you have any tips or recommendations please tell me them.


well done! i hope s&box attracts the same level of building as gmod did. would really fit this kind of map.

Looks cool!