My first space station

Here it is, features:

Drop pod bay.
Large bridge area
Plenty of storage space
two docking clamps




Try doing it with vanilla props instead. It will look so much better.


Alot of the people ussualy thinks “teh huger teh awesomer”, that is incorrect.
It’s empty, it’s dull, it’s dead.
Make it smaller, fill the space, I’d suggest something other than SBMP, but SBMP can probably do it.

Anyway, it’s not good.
Storage space =/= good
Mainly because you never actually have anything to store…

Yay lets start another sbmp argument thread, ignorant sbmp fans post below /

Well i have never used sbmp but the concept is pretty cool if you ask me. Low poly count large props that keep lag down, while still being able to make extremely large contraptions. Anyone that thinks that something useful is bad just because they don’t like it sounds pretty ignorant to me.

If something is useful then use it. It really blows my mind to see the narrow minded people on this forum that whine as though they paid someone to make a contraption for them and got a crappy product in return. I forget that some of you are tied up in a cave by terrorists and will be killed if you build something they don’t like. You have to remember some of us haven’t been kidnapped and forced to make contraptions for “Vanilla Bin Laden” yet, so we are still playing for fun.

I like your space station, it has a unique shape and isnt something i have seen before. Now lets see it in space…

Thank you for not being an ass and staying on topic.
Anyways i tend to float between SB3 servers so it’ll be up somewhere when im online.

:edit: forgot to add, i am going to attempt to make a firefly class transport (from Serenity/Firefly) I dont know how itll turn out yet so lets see where this goes.

Nice, i actually have started a firefly as well. Its kinda been on the back burner but i do have the engines done. Will still probably be a while before its out because its extremely large. Like i can fit two jalopies in the cargo bay LOL.

Nice, i guess we shall see who can make the best firefly. I may start out mine right now.

It may be useful but that doesn’t mean its post worthy. There are tons of these thrown together smbp stations. Some are actually good and creative. This is not

I like SBMP. I use SBMP. This is not good SBMP.

It’s not terrible “random hallways sticking every direction” that some post. But it’s nothing amazing. It’s decidedly mediocre. Possibly neat in-game if you do something particularly interesting with it, but not worth posting, particularly in its current state.

I’d stick to box-mobiles for the time being.

I helped create the darned pack and currently manage it: This parrot (meaning your station) is dead.
Breathe some life into it. Don’t let it fade into the scrapheap. Add some spice; some character.

It’s my personal belief that if half the people who used the SBEP to make ships took their time, didn’t let what parts we have available restrict them (perhaps using a combination of PHX and other packs), and let their creativity use parts of the project in unconventional ways that there would be a groundswell of artistic creations related to Spacebuild. The SBEP is mainly a solution to keep servers running fairly laglessly while not too overly restricting what players can build on them. When you couple the SBEP with PHX and Vanilla props you can get wondrous creations never before seen. Explore, feel free to use any props you like, and let your individual style show through what you show here.

All that said: I’m sure you’re proud of your first space station (and I’m happy you’re enjoying the pack!) but it truly is bland and uninspired. :frowning: (I do at the least like that you used curves on the docks, that does add some character but it’s more like a black cherry on top of a pile of red cherries character instead of a cherry on top of a lime character. Get creative! :D)

well said old man but what dohner said 2

Hells yea