My first swep. A sniper Rifle

this is my first swep so yes, it does suck but i just wanted to test it out. so here u go!

When you post releases, it’s helpful to post screenshots or videos of the release, just so people get an idea of what they’re downloading before they download it.

need normal post

Not enough information or pics

"but once again its my first swep that i made in about 6 minutes. "

Very smart. I can see you’re going places kid.

If YOU think it sucks, why the fuck would we even want to consider downloading it?

No scope? No information? No Screenshots?

So. A sniper rifle without the sniper bit?
Poor you, didn’t the swep maker support zoom?


Also, wrong section.

Wrong section, never post your first SWEP, and never post a 5 second SWEP.

Wrong section (late I know), Why would you post a SWEP that no one cares about at all.

//3cr0 p0st

maybe hes fixed it :lol:

I wish you stayed banned…

any who, as everyone else has said, you should always post screen shots or a video, and you should never release a quicky SWEP.

Why do you wish I was banned?
I hate people like you who say stupid stuff like that!


i like it…

Seriously what the hell dude…

To cookie that is.

how could you say such a thing

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I Think its ok dude :smiley:

Not bad… cmon you gotta like it A BIT

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