My First SWEP (Gmod 10)

This is my first SWEP for Gmod 10 sorry currently got no pics


You appear to have no content at all…

It’s a SWEP. That does 1000 damage. :blah:

That’s HARD


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This is what happens when gets screwed over, people are gonna spam facepaunch instead.

At least with my cheat awp I had a custom model, but this is just sad.

Oliver, the releasing of simple trace-based SWEPS without custom effects or models is seriously frowned upon. This is so simple, it can even be made with several automated programs by people who don’t even know Lua. The sad truth is, until you learn to do something more interesting, everyone would prefer if you didn’t use forum space releasing. And interesting doesn’t include things that just make explosions where you point.

First of all, how did you obtain my SWEP Factory? I deleted it from everywhere I uploaded it.

Secondly, did you just completely ignore the warning directly above the “Generate SWEP” button?

Why did you release a SWEP generator in the first place? :v:

I made the mistake of assuming the community would be responsible enough for me to release such a tool. Needless to say, I was quite wrong.

I have really got bored for all these “adminguns”. There are just too many of those, and there is no use for those, unless you are an admin in some server :P.

Finally, an 5-second swep! I waited for it for a one LONG time. Lua king’d

I think Oliver can’t bear to listen to us :v: .

Okay, so it’s a pretty bog standard pistol that does 1000 damage with a basic model. It’s good for a first like (my first wouldn’t even load up), but you should probably wait until you can make good features before you start releasing.

Remember about re-uploaders, and maybe he downloaded it yet when it was legally uploaded by you.
I still have it somewhere too, but i’m keeping stuff “i made” in it for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly don’t understand how anyone can possibly make something as brainlessly simple as an overpowered pistol and actually bother showing it to people like it’s something anyone would care to download. You can recreate this with the turret stool in GMod.

If you’re trying to learn and you just want to see if it would work, that’s fine. I do dumb render tests in 3dsmax. But I don’t upload everything I render to youtube.

Why not?

Because unless you’re building a video that shows “how you began and how you got to where you are today”, nobody is going to take you seriously, and nobody wants to see the bad WIP test thing you did. Uploading things for public view is exactly that: FOR PUBLIC VIEW. Your work is going to be under the scrutiny of other people, people who also do what you are doing. So you’d better have something polished and impressive, or at least fun.

Point is, NEVER upload something unless YOU believe it is something that the public will smile upon, that people will critique and advise on to further your progress. And better yet, make something unique. Make something that shouts louder than the crowd, get people’s attention.

its a awsome website

Read post dates next time, please dont bump 2 year old threads with 5 second SWEPs


This is easily the best swep created.