My First TF2 Map

Blu Base:
Blu Spawn:

Those my favorite pics

“Ctf_dawn” or “Cp_dawn”

Post more pics of the inside tomorrow, tell me whatcha think.

Info: One Spawn Room Exit. 2 Team Restricted Supply Cabinets. Sniper Deck. Detailed Props. Top Floor Hole Drop for Engies building Sentries. Small Health and Ammo pack for snipers. Open Roof for main camping sentry spots(destroyable by a demo).

I’ll put more photos up later.

It looks a bit empty in the spawn and the textures are boring and similar.
I reccomend you visit this site, too. It’s the best for TF2 Mapping.

same thing i said in the last one.

its looking good, not bad for a first map. i only say that because my first map was a box with a contol point.

just needs a bit more work… skybox etc.

Well there is a skybox, but I cbf uploaded all the screenshots I took since they are in .tga and I can’t find a .tga uploader.

It looks dull, badly lit, blocky and badly textured.

Not worth a thread. Sorry. for upload.

also you totally mismatched the workflow.