My first time sharing a photo

Hello guys, this is not my first time posting buuut probably the first or second time I shared my pictures from gmod, I’m not good at editing and I am actually new to it and still learning :slight_smile: but heres some of them

Oh, and on the wot picture, the smoke, I dunno how theres a smoke there, I don’t remember it being there lol

You should zoom more on the subject for the first pic. For the second one, you should filled that empty space with a couple of debris or a couple of tree and/or dead body.

Also you should change your graphic to put them to the max before you take the picture (if you didn’t do it already)

Might wanna zoom in abit more man to get rid of the empty space in the pictures.
If you didn’t want that smoke there get rid of it before posting it here.
That guy with the gun has no eye posing on him so it just looks like he is looking at the ground while shooting some off screen target. Fix those up and I’ll look forward to your next pictures. :dance:

That Object 704 is in a peculiar position.

My graphics are maxed already and on the 2nd picture, I was actually going to add some words like wot etc but i have not done it yet :slight_smile: