My first true model: A sci-fi assault rifle thingy (WiP)

I’ve done only hacking before, so I decided to try some real modeling. This is my first. It might look like a 5-minute job, but I’ve put a plenty of effort to it. No textures yet, but soon. Mainly inspired by the Imperial Guard lasgun. Actually, I was going to model a lasgun first, but then decided to do something of my own design.

An earlier shot:

Haven’t decided what it uses for ammo, maybe some weird plasma-bolt thingies like in Star Wars, or maybe the magazine is a battery. I don’t know. And it looks blocky, I’ll admit that.

A bit simple for my taste, but considering it’s your first model I’d suggest removing the hold thing, it looks weird in my opinion.

Like this?

Actually, doesn’t look so bad this way…

I would make it look a little less boxxy

Too bad I don’t have any idea how to do that :saddowns:

Look like the wa2000.

The only thing these two have in common is the blocky handguard/barrel part.

The chamber doesn’t make any sense, where would the casing come out. :confused:

They wouldn’t; it’s not real.

No matter what gun you’re modelling they look the best if you try to have som logic when designing them.

Hmmm, yeah, thanks for that. I don’t really know anything about the feeding systems in guns. There are two things that prevent me from adding an ejection port though: Because I don’t know how I could add one (Maybe with textures and a bumpmap, but that wouldn’t look too good), and because most energy rifles in sci-fi don’t eject shells. Mine could be an exception, though.

It would be cool to make an energy weapon where the magazine actually has some sort of “plasma bullets” in it, and therefore ejects shells. Usually in sci-fi they have a “battery” or “energy” pack instead of a magazine, but I think it would be awesome if this weapon ejected shells.

Hmmm, yup, Chesty. But then again, I don’t know how I could make the ejection port thingy. Maybe with textures, as my modeling skills aren’t high enough yet.

Also, anyone willing to UV-map this? I don’t know how to make UV maps with Milkshape and Blender’s UI is horrible.

And no, I do not have Max.