My first try at machinima (not random)

It came out preety well, although next time I will add the professional touch that seriously lacks here

its a little short, but its okay.

For a first try or test, this one looks very good.

Keep up with the good work.

I quite liked that, good work.

In this I was just trying to understand the tools and finding some techniques that may become handy in the future, then I will try to do something with a start, a middle and an ending with intros and all that kind of crap.

It is great, but it stopped in a very bad moment.

When I was filming I was kind of improvising what was coming next, I didn’t even knew what was on the last room before seeing where I was leading the combine to, then I didn’t knew what to do next so I exited Gmod and made the editing (witch was also very simple). I just wanted to see it running.

Now I kind of have the idea for the next one and it will be more complex, but still similar to this one in one thing.
Seeing that I am only one the movement is still restricted, and I still have to learn new techniques from other videos.

The vid is okay, i didn’t really understand. But what map is that?

cs_urbanwarfare I think, fpsbanana is down so I can’t garantee anything