My first try at posing, no outside editing.

Well here it is, my first try at posing in Garry’s Mod.
Sure I have posed minge stuff, but this is the first time I didn’t just throw Kleiner into the air and statue him. I’m using a portion of a map that I map a few days back {for something else off-topic}, and the angle is a bit akward, I think.

If you were wondering, I wanted to add a tear coming from her left eye, and fix some of the other stuff in there, but I don’t have PS or any other editing software.

It’s on graphical highest setting (except Anti-Aliesing, it’s on 2X). Please no trolling, constructive critisism is wanted!


It looks okay. Posing seems a bit stiff. And the shot has a lot of wasted space.

Yeah, I had a bit too much room, I wanted to add more, but I thought it distracted from the main image.

The posing isnt bad, especially in the front(The fingerposing is nice, and faceposing on the rebel is nice).
In the background the CP’s fingerposing looks a bit off, he needs to grab the handling of the gun nicely.

Also, maybe post a version of the pic(If you have the save) without the lamps, those source noisy shadows look quite ugly.

Thanks, I noticed after I took the pic something was off, I’ll post an original version without the noisy shadows, and with the rear combine’s hand fixed.


Darn, thought I saved, guess I don’t have the original.

I need to save my pics from now on so I can edit them later.