My First Two Poses!

they’re good for your first ones

Cheer’s mate.

Bad graphics.
You can hold a shotgun in one hand in cod but not in real life.
Almost no face-posing.
Most of the posing look unrealistic.

Up your graphics.

I lol’d at francis though.

My graphics are at their highest.

Apparently not.

Francis never saw fire before lol Haha I lol’ed at his face.

It seems you are past the body posing, but you must practice fingerposing and handposing.
Try looking at reference pictures on google, about people holding guns and firing.

Also, double check that there is no clipping on the picture and check that the guns are in the right position (Sometimes when you pose the hands they are ok, but you move the feet alittle bit or other part and the hands move too).

Also, play around with the faceposer till you find suitable faces for a scene.

Thank’s for the great feedback!

wow my first pose was no were near this good nice job

Pretty damn good.
Bill is floating a bit, that is way too much smoke for a cigarette, and fire is a bit too cartoony.

Seen a lot worse at first attempts. Practice your finger posing. Get that finger on the trigger.

The first needs a lot of work, the posing is really awkward, the second one is slightly better (fix the positioning of the rifle) if you increased the lighting to hit all the characters in it it’d be pretty good.

Not bad for a first effort.