My first two poses

I know this one’s bad, I forgot to turn my settings up


Don’t use construct and just work on the stance of characters and you’ll be fine! :razz:

Yea, I only used construct because i had it loaded up, And my settings were low

Please use PNG. It has better transparancy and looks good. If its JPG just open it in an image editor such as paint and save as png. Everybody loves pngs.
Also, Edit your screenshots. I made this in 30 min. Compare.

I think you will be a great poser in the coming future.
EDIT : I just noticed that there is a faint box around the hand. :burger:


Is there any way to make the camera save to png?


also, Now i need to learn to edit…


Just over an hour for this


Oh god the scout looks terrible

I like the posing on the pyro.

I don’t, Doesn’t look natural


Just a quick question, If i download some l4d2 models from, Is it warez?

Naw not really.

ok, Thanks

NO, PNGs are unneccesary unless you NEED transparency on your screenshot(PNGs make the loading time for the screenshot stupidly long and dont add ANYTHING unless the picture has transparency).

There is no need to edit screenshots, you can make them look great just by using ingame stuff(Lamps, light bulb entities, the Color Mod, etc)

Editing is only required when you want to give your picture an extra touch, or you just cant emulate the effect you want ingame, and I suggest that if you consider editing your pictures on a editing program(I suggest GIMP, is free and awesome), read some tutorials like the ones on the stickie in this section (Chesty’s or Vman’s) for muzzleflashes, lights and stuff.


AND start editing your pictures when you have mastered posing please because even if you have an awesome editing skill but your pose is horrible NOTHING you do on the editing program will make it look better.

Your gonna be a great poser son.

Don’t use PNGs lol, they’re not actually better and just take longer to load.

Also, you should practice posing a lot before you try editing.

Ok, Thanks for the tips guys

Now i need to learn to face pose…


That is why i used the pyro

Yeah Sorry, Im used to the arts section.